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Shit Twins - Dads


No. 47: Hoover number 3 page 58 - Shit Twins by Dads, 2013


Dads - Aww, C’mon Guys

If this is such a joke 
Then where is your punch line, 
Discrimination isn’t funny 
And your audience is getting harder to find.

"We’re just having fun,"
Yeah I’ve heard that one before, 
It’s shock value humor 
When all you get is silence, you try for some more.

Well no one’s laughing here, 
Open your mind and open your ears, 
Think past your friends, think how far each word can go, 
Think of how strangers see you, is this what you want to show?

There’s more than your circle, 
There are people you’ve never met. 
Look at what you’re projecting, 
The examples that you set.

Don’t try to tell me what punk is 
Or just how you envision it. 
If this is how you will stay 
Then your “scene” will have a division in it.

What about your heroes, 
The people you adore? 
If they heard what you were saying, 
Would they listen anymore?

What would your idols think? 


Dads - Honestly, Chroma Q&A [x]

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